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==Featured Article==
==Featured Article==
[[File:250px-Mkold.png|thumb|left|231px]][[Mario Kart Double Dash!!|Mario Kart ''Double Dash!!'']] is the 4th installment in the Mario Kart Series. It was published and developed by Nintendo for the [[Nintendo GameCube]]. There are many features from past Mario Kart games, such as ''Super Mario Kart'', ''Mario Kart 64'', and ''Mario Kart: Super Circuit''. This the only Mario Kart game (so far)...(See [[Mario Kart Double Dash!!]] for more)
[[File:250px-Mkold.png|thumb|left|231px]]Mario Kart ''Double Dash!! ''is the 4th installment in the Mario Kart Series. It was released for the Nintendo GameCube in 2003. It is arguably the most unique game in the series, mainly for having karts that carry two characters. There are 16 Racetracks and 20 characters to choose from, two in a kart at once. It is also the very first Mario Kart Game with character specific karts, rather than just color variations of the same kart. Several of these karts are unlocked as prizes for placing 1st in various races. Placing first on every track in Mirror mode will earn you a golden "trophy" kart!
==Photo(s) of the Month==
==Photo(s) of the Month==

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