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In Mario Kart Double Dash!! there are 21 karts available to choose from, some of which are unlockable. The designs and speeds at which a kart can travel vary. The character selected first at the character select screen is whose kart is automatically chosen to participate in the race. Each kart has 3 different ratings: Acceleration, Speed, and Weight. Each rating is represented by stars. The maximum rating for each is 5 Stars

  • Acceleration: How fast a kart can reach its maximum speed.
  • Speed: How fast the kart can go.
  • Weight: How heavy the kart is.

The characters chosen to participate in a cup can also affect which karts can be chosen for them to use.

  • Light Weights: Good Acceleration, Poor Top Speed, Low Weight. Easily bumped off the track by heavier karts. Do not lose much speed when driving off-couse.
  • Medium Class: Average Acceleration, Average Top Speed, Varied Weight. Lose an average amount of speed off course.
  • Heavy Class: Poor Acceleration, High Top Speed, High Weight. Capable of knocking lower rank karts off the course. Lose lots of speed off-course.
Selecting Karts By Character Sizes
Weight Pairings Karts Selected
Light Light Light
Medium Light Medium
Medium Medium
Heavy Light Heavy
Heavy Medium
Heavy Heavy
  • Note: This chart excludes the Parade Kart, the kart at the cup ceremony that Toadswoth drives, is drivable by any character no matter what weight. It is unlockable by beating The All-Cup Tour in Mirror Mode.

Kart Stats[edit | edit source]

Here are the karts stats displayed in game for each weight class: Light, Medium, and Heavy.

Light[edit | edit source]

* is unlockable

Medium[edit | edit source]

*is unlockable

Large[edit | edit source]

*is unlockable

Miscellaneous[edit | edit source]

*is unlockable

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