Mario Kart Double Dash!! Wiki

Mario Kart Double Dash!! features different Game Modes, giving the players a wider variety of gameplay.

Game Modes[]

In Mario Kart Double Dash!!, there are special game modes, some required, and some not required to complete the game.

Grand Prix[]

In the Grand Prix mode of Mario Kart Double Dash!!, the player must compete against 12 computerized characters, divided into groups of 2. How difficult the CPUs are depend on which of the 4 GP classes are picked. The difficulty classes are:

  • 50cc: The Easiest class. The top speed for everybody is very low,, and have a limited selection of items. Most likely, or definetly, you will obtain 1st or 2nd place, unless you are extremely bad.
  • 100cc: The In Between Class, The top speed for everybody is average, and ther is a larger selection of items to choose from. The lighterweight karts will never take the top positions, due to there low high speeds.
  • 150cc: The Hardest Class. The top speed for everybody is relatively high, and all items are available to choose